Welcome to STEM Boomerang.
We are in our third year and preparing for amazing developments for career connections.

Imagine you are a company who can't figure out where STEM Professionals are - if they are here or want to be here. Imagine you are a STEM Professional who, for many reasons, wants to start or have a career here in New Mexico. It's not easy. STEM Boomerang's goal is to be the CISCO of New Mexican Career Connections. We imagine tools and events and programs that can scale warm handshakes so that talent can be found easily and our most talented citizens, who know and love our state, can contribute to the future of our state.

  • We can be and build the future of our community and the state that we love.

  • New Mexico, like many “brain drain” states, has experienced a loss of highly-educated young people, especially those who are or will be professionals in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). While some of this loss may be due to the perception that there are greater job opportunities in other areas of the country, it is also due to emigration of young people for education; graduate and professional school and post-doctoral opportunities.

  • Like all New Mexicans, these young professionals value family, home, and the state where they grew up. Many would love to have careers back home, but barriers and missed connections make it impossible.

  • Significant opportunities in STEM exist in NM, but the potential workforce is not currently connected to these opportunities, and many have no knowledge of the breadth of these opportunities, even in their own city. All of this contributes to the incorrect perception that New Mexico lacks a skilled technical workforce.

  • Utilizing previously untapped resources, Operation Boomerang will connect New Mexico’s young, highly-educated STEM professionals with startup, tech and biotech, and research career opportunities in New Mexico.

Where do young STEM professionals want to work?

In a recent survey conducted with new young professionals across many fields, the hopeful career seekers evaluated STEM degrees and indicated the interest in various career opportunities.

Young professionals were able to pick the categories that best fit their degree and specialized interests. While there is no majority, Government and Industry have the most interest. This is no surprise since Sandia Labs and Los Alamos Labs are attractive options for many STEM majors and New Mexico is experiencing a tremendous growth in the Innovative Economy in STEM.

Starting or Continuing a Personal Business 28.7%
Academic Position 52.9%
Teaching Position 34.7%
Industry/Pharmaceutical 71.9%
Government 70.7%
Post Doctorate 31.7%
Other 13.8%
Participants who have expressed interest in the 2018 STEM Boomerang
NM STEM Employers participating
Individuals involved in 2018 STEM Boomerang

National Lab Day at the 2017 STEM Boomerang.
Join us. 1. Fill out the survey and 2. register!

STEM Boomerang successfully connected New Mexico's high tech workforce from around the US with great New Mexico lab, business, education, and government opportunities.

It took a great team.

The characteristics of a great team are:
1. a common goal;
2. good, honest communication;
3. watch each others' backs; and
4. no unnecessary emergencies!
With every sector leaning it - we had an awesome team!

Maggie Werner-Washburne

STEM Boomerang Founder

In July 2017, Maggie realized that NM business and our highly educated, STEM professionals didn’t know each other.  As PI of a major training program, she knew that, the more successful the program, the more bright people left the state. She also knew that many wanted to come back.  So, the challenge was when and how to introduce these great young people to our most exciting opportunities at colleges, national laboratories, tech and biotech, and startups.  Out of this came the first Boomerang – the NM Educated Workforce in STEM Symposium. It was an eye opener and an exciting experience for everyone.

Lupe Atencio and Nancy Hurtado-Ziola (with Susan Russo and MWW)

UNM Initiative to Maximize Student Development

Lupe Atencio and Nancy Hurtado-Ziola (front L and R) worked tirelessly to organize, connect, and make the first Boomerang, the NEWS Symposium, a success.

David Silverman and the Boomerang Panel

Geltmore, LLC

Many NM business leaders – from economic development, to real estate development, venture capital, LAVU, the national labs – STC, NM Tech Council, NM BIO – jumped on board and organized panels to help the participants understand that New Mexico is doing amazing things, a good place to live and work, and there are many paths forward for them.  They continue their enthusiastic support for the 2018 STEM Boomerang.

Student volunteers and Participants

Chief Editor

Our student volunteers, the participants, the young people who were inspired that they could get an education and come home, too – that made the event.  Thanks to all of the people involved for laying the foundation for New Mexico’s Operation STEM Boomerang (including Santa Fe mayor, Alan Webber, who gave it a name!)

Reviews of the first STEM Boomerang Symposium

At the first Boomerang, Dec 2017, ABQ Mayor, Tim Keller, Joined Us

Thanks to UNM STC for our first reception!

The Math Science Learning Center was a perfect venue

Thanks to faculty who joined us for the Academic Panel

Our Federal Representatives were working on budget issues - but sent well wishes with their representatives

And representatives from Sandia, LANL, and AFRL

More Information - latest news, updates

From now until December, there will be many updates. Keep your eye on this site and our Face Book page Operation STEM Boomerang


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