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STEM Boomerang Dec 20, 2018

News about the 2018 STEM Boomerang

2018 Symposium

Operation STEM Boomerang.  Built on a successful year 1 event, our goal is to build STEM Boomerang into a sustainable, annual event.  Initallally, it will to introduce young, STEM and other professionals to career opportunities in research, business, government, and education and New Mexico economic drivers to the best seed corn, in terms of innovative, talented, motivated, and knowledgable STEM talent in the country.  Later, the Boomerang may touch other areas – like Art, Public Health, Education – really, we are limited by our imaginations.

The 2nd Annual STEM Boomerang is scheduled for December 20, 2018 with an opening reception Dec 19. It is a partnership between state, local, federal, education, and business entities in New Mexico.  In our careers, we have never experienced a project that is met with such enthusiasm, hopefulness, and active “lean in” as this one. It truly brings out the best in and from New Mexico.

Contributing to New Mexico's economic, educational and cultural future:

Young Professionals and CEO/CTO/CSO-level professionals

This is an opportunity to clarify what YOU want to do, what skills you need to do it, and, if you are ready,  to look into opportunities for great jobs and careers in New Mexico. We will introduce you to venture capitalists, National Lab scientists and recruiters, our elected officials, tech and biotech leaders, and people from other areas who are innovative, economic drivers in the state.

We want to have webinars, so you can meet people before you get here, can ask questions, and be as prepared as possible for your next step.

Register and fill out the participant survey.   

For senior professionals, contact us at and we can discuss opportunities here for you. You won’t believe what is happening right here – where the weather is great, housing affordable, the food even better, and the sky is the limit.

There is a value proposition in STEM Boomerang for every participant and stakeholder.  We know that, once you experience it, you’ll want to be part of this great, statewide team.

Businesses, Start Ups, Labs

This is a great opportunity to meet some of the best young, professionals in STEM that our state produces.  Your participation and enthusiasm for what you do, your contributions to our state and our nation, and your great ideas are what makes this event magic.  We are expanding our reach statewide and in the broad area of engineering. Register and fill out the business survey – so we know your interest and we will contact you about registration and with updates. If you have questions, email us at

Let’s make this happen! 

Objectives of the 2nd Annual NEWS Symposium

To broaden our reach statewide...

So that the innovators, educators, and economic drivers in NM connect more effectively and creatively and the economic gains from this approach can be shared statewide

To broaden involvement...

…of participants trained in all areas of engineering and STEM and to increase our reach every year

To provide...

…Pre-event education and communication, to increase the preparedness of both participants and recruiters to maximize the effectiveness, efficiency, and success of the event.

To work with...

Businesses and economic development to increase and improve media coverage and publicity of efforts throughout the state

To collaborate with...

State and government economic development entities to improve access to a clear, comprehensive, and searchable jobs database that reaches into the startup and other communities that are hiring highly skilled, highly educated STEM professionals.

To establish...

…a working board to direct, sustain, and grow Operation Boomerang to help grow the NM economy with employees and leaders who understand and value our state and who have an inclusive vision for our state.

How to Help


Talk with young professionals and highly skilled people that you know, so we can get them on our email and registration list.  Have them contact us at The sooner you can do this, the better.

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Learn more. Use our website to learn

more and contact us with ideas or volunteer.

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Help us identify businesses, startups,

all potential employers, and share this

link with them, so we know they are

interested.  They can register here.

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You can make a tax-dediuctable donation through the

website, to help fund this and future

Operation STEM Boomerang events.

Contact Lupe Atencio

for information. This can also be a foundation

or individual donation or done through United Way.

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Get involved. If you have specific interest

or expertise in any area touched by

Operation STEM Boomerang, including

media, publicity, development, etc.,

and want to work with us, contact

Lupe Atencio,

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Our Partners

The more support we have from NM stakeholders, the faster we can make this river of talent flow back into New Mexico. Thank you for your support.


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